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Integration & Customisation

Our solutions involve the use of best-in-class software from IBM, Microsoft, Inovis, Targit and others.

We have over twenty five years’ experience in tailoring global solutions software to the specific needs of our individual clients.

We will discuss with you the developed best practice to help match software solutions to your business needs. We will also help you configure your business operations / process to get best use from the software solutions that you plan to deploy.

From time-to-time we find that there are gaps between what standard software solutions deliver and the particular needs of your organisation. In such circumstances we will work with you to specify what changes need to be made to the planned software solutions so that the needs of your business are met.

All of the software solutions that we bring to the table are rich in the ability to interface with third party software systems. We have wide experience in getting different software systems to communicate with each other and to pass transactional and status data back and forth.  We will work with you to devise plans to integrate the various software solutions that you use to provide you with fully integrated solutions.

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